Our FAQ's:

What is AAS18?

Arab Affiliate Summit is a specialized annual event, that aims to spread awareness about the affiliate marketing industry in the MENA region.


AAS has been launched in 2014 by Mahmoud Fathy and Mohammed Khartabil, who are two of the leaders in this industry in the region. The event aimed to connect all industry stakeholders under one roof, and to open new horizons for income generating opportunities.


AAS was first launched in Egypt under the theme of “Learn .. Connect .. Start”. It was massively successful, taking into consideration that it is a specialized event that tackles an unpopular industry in Egypt.


AAS first version has received 650 attendees, 17 speakers among the most prominent industry key players in the MENA, like “Simo Life” and “Hany Hussein”.


All along the past years, AAS has been witnessing consistent growth at all aspects, including attendees numbers, speakers levels, Like Charles Ngo; the God father of the Affiliate marketing industry, who joined our summit last version AAS2017, as well as the well-established advertising networks, partners and sponsors. This included “Microsoft”, “Souq.com”, Clickdealer” and “Digital raves”

Why “Learn, Connect, Start”?

The summit main theme has been selected to match its main target and vision to the key success factors, the most important of which is learning. Also, connecting and networking is essential to enhance learning and untap opportunities. Then the result is to start towards establishing your business or even develop your existing one.

How can I join?

  • In Few steps, select your ticket type,register, and you are all set.

Are there any group discounts for tickets?

  • No, group discounts are available.


Will the event be live-streamed?

  • No, but conferences material, and workshop content can be sent through  video and visual presentations through email for some tickets types.


What language will the event be in?

  • Arabic – French – English


How can I connect with people?

  • Through Networking during the coffee breaks and after conferences parties activities.


How can I get a letter of invitation for a visa?

  • Through the Moroccan embassy in your country.

When and where is the event taking place?

  • Hayat Regency Hotel in Casablanca.
  • 1-3 November.

Why tickets are so expensive?

We are providing lots of benefits, as follows:

1. Speakers:

The most prominent speakers, lecturers and mentors in the region, are attending our mega event, please check this link!

2. Content:

We are providing 3 valuable content tracks, to help you master your affiliate marketing career. These tracks are: Learn,Start, and Connect. Simply stick to these 3  rules and know about them in tiny-winy details at the biggest event on affiliate marketing in the region.

3. Workshops:

We are always trying to introduce new innovative and creative ideas. This year, at the biggest Arab Affiliate summit in the MENA, you will have the opportunity to meet the most prominent and best speakers in the field, and learn the latest trends in detail during the first and second days of the conference. Then, in the third day, we devoted the third day to the workshops and round tables on affiliate marketing and ecommerce tracks, in order to implement this information in a practical way.

;4. Venue:

We are having our Arab Affiliate Summit this year in Casablanca, at Hayat Regency Hotel, a luxury venue, where you can get the ultimate benefit sought from our event, while enjoying the fresh breathe of the fascinating city.

What is Payment methods?

  • Visa
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash

Can I refund my payment?

  • No refund allowed.
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