Mahmoud Fathy

Mahmoud Fathy

Co-Founder of AAS

Hi there!

From a high academic record in physics study to Affiliate marketing thought leader, I chose to drop a whole science career and followed his steps till I became one of the most influential personalities in the “Affiliate Marketing” industry in the Arab world. He has remarkably contributed to the development of the industry over the past seven years. He describes the Affiliate Marketing field as “his world, in which I live and constantly develops”.

In 2011, at the age of 23, I started my career in Affiliate Marketing and achieved various successes, including acquiring the title as the “Best” freelance affiliate for and exceeding $600 Thousand in profits through them, in addition to other successes through Arab and foreign companies. Exceeding $1 million in profits, I decided to start a new different journey.

I founded ArabyAds Company in 2014. Over the years, ArabyAds has pioneered in the “Affiliate Marketing” industry in the Arab world. This prosperous company employs more than 100 people, 2200 freelance affiliates and served more than 300 clients. The company showed a growth rate of 100% year to year. Its total sales for 2016 was over $4 Million. In an attempt to promote the Affiliate Marketing industry, and with the help of his partner Mohammed Khartabil and the rest of the ArabyAds team.

I started the first step in the “Arab Affiliate Summit” in 2014, which has become a leading source in understanding and learning for many affiliates about the meaning and technique of affiliate marketing. It quickly became a major icon of the Arab world in its field, by creating a community for Arabs and MENA region’s residents to find knowledge, opportunities and way to become thought leaders and real influencers.


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Will be my pleasure to have you among my audience,  answer all your questions, and help you with career/ business milestones.

Mahmoud Fathy


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