Tan Brothers

Tan Brothers

8 Figure eCommerce Entrepreneurs

Steve  Tan 

A  serial  entrepreneur,  I co-founded  the eCommerce Elites  Masterminds program to help other  entrepreneurs find success in their  eCommerce journey. I have founded  several startups over the last 10 years,  and today I earn 8-figure revenue from my  stores, including  one that achieved  $360,000 in revenue in a  single day. Today, I share  my knowledge through public speaking  events, my 50,000-member strong eCommerce  Elites Masterminds Facebook group, and Masterminds retreats,  helping hungry entrepreneurs realize their potential by  taking actionable  steps that will help  their business grow.

Evan  Tan 

Using   my own  entrepreneurial  successes with Shopify  dropshipping and Facebook  ads, I host events to train  and mentor other entrepreneurs wishing to achieve  financial freedom through their eCommerce business.  My success asan 8-figure eCommerce entrepreneur (including  one store that has earned over $360,000 in a single day) has made  me a highly sought-after eCommerce authority. In addition to sharing knowledge  with my brother Steve through the eCommerce Elites Mastermind Facebook group, I  have shared the stage with Neil Patel, Ryan Deiss, Ezra Firestone, and other talented  digital entrepreneurs at events around the world.


Steve  & Evan  

We  have generated  millions of dollars  for their eCommerce stores  through Facebook Ads and other  marketing techniques. As 8-figure eCommerce  entrepreneurs, we share their knowledge and  experiences through their eCommerce Elites Mastermind  Facebook group and by coaching other professionals in their  quarterly Masterminds classes. We have also spoken at marketing  summits around the world with famed entrepreneurs such as Neil Patel and  Ryan Deiss. Thousands of students have benefitted from their expertise!


Want to follow our steps towards success?

Will be my pleasure to have you among my audience,  answer all your questions, and help you with career/ business milestones.

Tan Brothers

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